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Radiator grille used on LEXUS
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Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has developed an automobile radiator grille that gives vehicles a sportier feel, using paint with a brilliant black luster that imparts a striking feeling of depth.

These grilles are used on the special edition LEXUS IS F-Sport model launched by Toyota Motor Corporation in October 2019.

Toyoda Gosei strives to develop paint, plating and other decorative technology that will meet the diverse needs of its customers. In recent years it has developed radiator grilles and other exterior products with lustrous paint containing a metallic material that reflects light.

Control of light reflection by modifying the paint results in a more lustrous feeling while also emphasizing the shading in the inner facets of the product. This produces a difference in brightness between the face surface and inner facet of the radiator grille that is forty percent higher than before.

Toyoda Gosei will continue to refine its decorative technology and develop products that contribute to attractive vehicle design.

For more details, visit: https://www.toyoda-gosei.com

Company Name: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
About Company: TOYODA GOSEI CO., LTD. is a company primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of automobile parts and optoelectronic products. The Company operates in two business segments.
Person of Contact: Yusuke Kawahito

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