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commercial-vehicle platforms
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Bollinger Motors had its development of Class 4 and 5 electric platforms today, adding to its existing development in Class 3 electric truck engineering.

The full range of Chass-ETM platforms are the culmination of more than six years of electric-vehicle engineering, starting with the original Class 3 Bollinger B1 SUV, which debuted in 2017.

"We started from day one working on Class 3 all-electric trucks. We've proven our chops over the years with multiple prototypes, and our own battery development," says CEO and founder Robert Bollinger. "Now we're proud to take that hard work and provide electric-chassis solutions for OEMs and commercial customers in Classes 3, 4 and 5 -- where large payloads, sufficient range, and long-life durability are practically mandatory."

The electric-platform collection consists of Chass-E-3 with a payload of up to 8,000 lbs., Chass-E-4 with a payload up to 9,000 lbs., and Chass-E-5 with a payload up to 11,500 lbs. All three Chass-E platforms pull their energy from patent-pending Bollinger Motors 700-volt battery packs, available in 140, 210, and 280 kWh sizes.

"The variety of battery packs available to all three vehicle-class sizes means that the end customers can choose their payload, wheelbase, price point, and mile-range targets that best suit their fleet," says Frank Jenkins, commercial sales director for Bollinger Motors.

The all-electric truck platforms are powered by solid rear axle E-Drives engineered for long-life commercial use.

"Solid rear axles are the cornerstone for commercial fleets. They are stronger and more durable than alternative ways to electrify trucks," says David Cripps, chief engineer at Bollinger Motors. "It's the most efficient way to switch to electrification, while keeping what works best for commercial."

The Chass-E platforms are the perfect, fully operational electric skateboards to power commercial vehicles, including:

"We're excited to broaden our expertise in Class 3 engineering to include Class 4 and 5," adds Bollinger. "Our full range of hard-working trucks will give customers a ton of options."

For more information o visit,www.BollingerMotors.com

Company Name: Bollinger Motors
About Company: Founded in 2015 by Robert Bollinger, Bollinger Motors is a U.S.-based company, headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan. Bollinger Motors will manufacture all-electric, on- and off-road trucks, the B1 Sport Utility Truck (SUT) and the B2 Pickup Truck, as well as the Chass-ETM electric platforms, for commercial vehicles in Classes 3-5.