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GAC NE Will Beat Tesla in E-Car Industry
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GUANGZHOU, China--As one of the largest automotive manufacturers in China, GAC New Energy (GAC NE) is devoted to providing customers with a world-class new energy vehicle with smart mobility service.

With the outstanding performance of its SUV, GAC NE has recorded a surged turnover with its AI electric SUV, which proves that GAC NE plays an important role in the Chinese market and is very popular among customers.

During the last decade, GAC NE has mastered the five core technologies in battery, motor, control unit, electro-mechanical coupling systems and system integration. In the coming future, GAC NE is going to take the initiative to go global, though people may question about the quality of the China-made vehicle. However, in the past, people also used to laugh at Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai, but they aren’t laughing anymore. GAC NE strives to manufacture high quality and high performance vehicles, and the company is confident that it will become one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world in the near future.

GAC NE has demonstrated its global ambition with recent unveilings at the Detroit and Paris Motor Shows, and the company will definitely be the highlight in the coming Guangzhou Motor Show 2018. Its new AION S provides unbelievable mile range with more space, lower power consumption and stronger performance. Its drag coefficient is 0.245, which is at the same level as Tesla Model 3. Its state-of-the-art driverless technology reaches L4 standard for driverless vehicles, i.e., does not require human intervention in certain conditions. The launch of AION S is to provide customers the performance of established luxury electric cars like Tesla at a reasonable price.

GAC NE integrates the powerful GAC Global Research and Development network with its independent development and advanced vehicle technology platform. Meanwhile, the in-depth cooperation with some of the largest Chinese companies such as Tencent and Huawei, and other global top suppliers such as Bosch and Michelin, enhances the capacity matching, in-depth technology development and quality management of GAC NE. The company hopes to provide customers a “Smarter Companion” with the most thoughtful service. It is believed that the company will be a new Tesla challenger and spread the pride of China all over the world.

For more information, http://www.gacne.com.cn/

Company Name: GAC New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd
About Company: Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was established on July 28, 2017. It is an innovative technology company established by Guangzhou Automobile Group with the advantage of independent innovation and established for future development. It is the development carrier of Guangzhou Automobile Group's new energy vehicle business. GAC New Energy is committed to providing world-class mobile smart new energy products and services, becoming the world's leading and socially trusted green and intelligent mobile value creator.
Person of Contact: Nolan Wu
Phone: 86 20 68326538

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