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flexdrive Unveils New Branding
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ATLANTA--Today, flexdrive debuted its full rebrand to better illustrate the company it is today and the markets it serves. Launched in 2014, flexdrive is a car subscription technology and services company that provides solutions for dealers and fleet owners to offer on-demand car subscriptions to consumers via mobile devices.

Company background leading to rebrand

While flexdrive started off as a simple idea that there should be a Netflix for cars, the business has seen mounting success and looks quite different than it did in 2014. Today, flexdrive is the subscription partner for dealers and businesses with vested interests.

  • Currently available in 17 cities nationwide, the company is rapidly scaling its marketplace connecting consumers with flexdrive authorized dealerships across the country.
  • flexdrive has also expanded internationally through partnerships with local market leaders to bring car subscription to countries including Denmark, Canada and Norway with other country deployments soon to be announced.
  • The company has vast experience with the rideshare market through a strategic partnership with Lyft, the fastest growing TNC in the U.S.
  • flexdrive subscription vehicles have driven in excess of 400,000,000 miles in 2018, demonstrating the growth and adoption of the flexdrive subscription program.

The previous brand identity was suited for an early-market and early-stage company, but, given the pace of change in the subscription market as a whole and flexdrive’s deep history and market position, it is the right time to update with a fresh brand identity to better convey the business’ story and overall offering.

“A refreshed flexdrive brand signifies the journey we are all on in the evolving vehicle subscription space,” said Chowning Aguilera, head of brand growth and marketing. “Our previous logo and message platform showed where the market was at the time, but both our company and the market have taken leaps and bounds in the past four years. We believe that it is important to communicate who flexdrive is and our new branding more properly reflects our culture and philosophy. ”

Insights into the new brand

The new logo combines the “f” and “d” from flexdrive into an icon that is reminiscent of a location mark. It conveys the concept that flexdrive is where you are today and can take you anywhere you want to go now and in the future—as a business or consumer.

Using a lowercase font emphasizes a contemporary, yet casual brand personality that plays off of flexdrive’s approachability and fit for consumers who both need and want a car. It also equally plays to a myriad of different types of businesses and dealer groups. The logo is grounded in a deep blue with punches of a vibrant lime green with support colors for the brand of purple, pink and gray that connote energy and forward movement.

The company’s new tagline “go your own way” further emphasizes a feeling of no boundaries and enforces the sense of freedom, control and peace of mind offered by a flexdrive subscription.

“The auto industry and businesses with vested interests continuously grapple with meeting changing consumer demands, while also preparing for an age of mobility where car ownership will inevitably look totally different than it does today,” said Jose Puente, founder and CEO of flexdrive. “Subscription is truly the step beyond ownership. It’s an exciting time and our brand should convey that to everyone we touch. Our original branding served its purpose during our time as a startup. The new brand shows the established company we are today.”

Company advancements

As with most rebranding projects, tremendous time and thought went into developing the new logo, messaging, look and feel. Business partners, including dealers, will have access to deeper educational tools and branding packages. Consumers will also have a more consistent brand experience that spans flexdrive’s marketing platforms and consumer-facing app.

The rebrand goes beyond a new look and feel. flexdrive is also continuing to innovate and evolve to advance the subscription landscape and its capabilities by:

  • Continuing to build and advance tools to improve dealer profitability
  • Creating and evolving insurance models with key partners that are sophisticated and custom-built for the complexities of subscription
  • Solving for the challenges of running subscription programs in different municipalities and countries

To see the full brand refresh, visit the newly launched website at www.flexdrive.com

Company Name: FlexDrive
About Company: flexdrive launched in 2014 with a mission of creating an alternative to traditional car buying and leasing. The company’s technology platform and services enable fleet owners and car dealerships to offer inventory for subscription to consumers in their market, as well as internationally. Data provided through the platform gives car subscription operators the insights needed to run and maintain a financially profitable and successful subscription program. flexdrive also offers a consumer marketplace to dealers where consumers can subscribe to a car directly from their mobile phone, taking the friction out of the car buying process. With flexdrive, businesses and consumers alike can go their own way with subscriptions and take advantage of a new era of mobility.
Person of Contact: Chowning Aguilera
Designation: Head of Marketing

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