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Envisions Safety Driven Mobility
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Visionary automotive company Neuron EV has recently unveiled PURE, a mobile center for healing and IONFLO, advanced protective gear.

Neuron EV believes that automobiles were created to improve people's lives through safe and easy travel. The company also supports the initiative of bringing people together by reducing the environmental obstacles that disrupts it.

PURE is the vision for seamless health inspection and care. The PURE center features a scan and heal system inside a pollution free capsule. Automatic self-sterilization begins after the user vacates the space. Comprehensive health information is provided via private message. Protective gear along with health and wellness information are accessible around the center.

IONFLO is essentially an all-in-one safety helmet that seamlessly integrates communication technologies with an air purification system.

IONFLO has a modular construction and can be taken apart to suit different kinds of needs. The outer shell is constructed for safe mobility. The mouthpiece is removable and can be used as a respirator. The inside of the helmet is lined with flexible protective fabric and interchangeable with a hard shell or adjustable straps. IONFLO can also be used with a full body protective suit.

The revolutionary features of the IONFLO include integrated telecommunications, enhanced night-time visibility, display integrated single frame visor, location guidance, a flashlight, re-useable respirator cartridges with automatic sanitization, rechargeable batteries, and a temperature-controlled interior.

"Protective gear tends to feel claustrophobic." says Neuron EV Spatial Designer Lydia Li. "Neuron EV products are created to be functional, empowering, and user-friendly in a sleek way. Integrating communications technology was our way of opening up an isolated space without compromising safety from environmental dangers. IONFLO Technology is used to seamlessly connect users and empower them with resources."

IONFLO is currently in development to provide protection in dire situations, especially for professionals working in high risk positions like first emergency respondents, medical professionals, law-enforcement personnel and military staff, to name a few.

Worldwide life expectancy has seen a sharp rise in recent years, largely due to safety measures being implemented through government policies and product development. Rules such as the seat belt law and technologies like automatic braking and lane detection have been integral in minimizing accidents and injuries, and essential in giving peace of mind to travelers everywhere.

Neuron EV manifests its commitment, not just to sustainable energy, but also to safe mobility and to our customers' protection. The company envisions a future where transportation is not just cleaner but also safer.

The evolution of the human race has always been about facing adversities and overcoming them, and Neuron EV is committed to creating cutting edge solutions for a sustainable future, and continuously supporting humanity through innovation.

"We believe it is our responsibility to do our best in helping one another to overcome and be prepared for potential challenges in the future," says Casey Hyun Neuron EV branding manager.

for more details, visit www.neuronev.co/ionflo for more information.