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Guangzhou Jingyi Automobile Air Conditioner Co.Ltd.
Jingyi Automobile Trading Co.,Ltd
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Guangzhou Jingyi automobile air conditioner company was founed in 1988,and started R&D and manufacture of air conditioners for large and medium Sized passenger vehicles in 1996.

Total investment exceeds 300 million yuan, among which fixed assets takes up over 200 million. The total production
area covers 130.000 M2.

Our annual productive capacity of bus air conditioners has hit 25000 sets. With leading infrastructure in the industry, Jingyi is a large-scale nationwide base for R&D and manufacture of bus air conditioner.

Since the foundation of second Huadu production base, Jingyi has made great progress in R&D of the air conditioner blowers and fans, clutches and other key parts.

The quality reaches the international level. So far, Jingyi has been well recognized as the real manufacturer of air conditioner, with its R&D capacity on key technology.

Jingyi owns the biggest industrial technical center in the field of auto refrigeration in China and gathers a number of elites and experts.

Jingyi has built a high-performance test center, top level in China. ( The only one approved by National Compressor Refrigerating Equipment Quality Inspection Center).

Jingyi is the key member of the compilers of automobile air conditioner and compressor industry standard.

As the No.1 supplier approved by ISO 9001:2000 AND ISO/TS 16949: 2002, Jingyi is able to ensure full quality warranty. China National Quality Bureau issued the first manufacturing license to Jingyi on May 5th, 2008 with license No. XK06-015-00101.

Our 10 series and near 200 types of bus air conditioning products are applicable for public and tourism buses. Moreover, we are capable for development in step with bus manufacturers to rapidly satisfy the personalized customer demands.

The cooling capacity, EER, cooling and weight ratio of Jingyi air conditioner reach the international level. Specially the EER, the impressive record of 2.4 exceeds the general standard 2.0 .

One year ahead of the competitors, by joint research with China CNG research Institute and Chongqing Hengtong Bus company, Jingyi launched firstly the CNG stand alone bus air conditioner which won several prizes in the market and enjoys great success.

In 2007, Jingyi invented the 3rd generation electric bus air conditioner and was appointed as the qualified key supplier in the market.

Over a long period of time, Jingyi has been committed itself to the technique and product oriented strategy and to the business operating capability, independent technological innovation, marketing ability and other core competitive edges, making a great progess in technique, market and management. The products and brand of the enterprise are well accepted in the domestic and foreign markets.

Jingyi has established close relationship with mainstream bus maker and transport company at home and abroad. The export market covers more than 60 countries in 6 continents. The export of A/C and spare parts maintain a growth rate of more than 100% in these three years.

Adhering to the technical strategy of "energy saving, environmental protection and health caring", Jingyi is actualizing the layout of provincial technical center and improving innovation ability gradually, thus to keep the leading position in this field stably.

"Creating values for customers and developing together with them "is our ultimate goal. With the R&D and manufacture of automobile refrigeration equipment as our core of operation, we will steadily implement of diversified development and oration ourselves to make Jingyi a leading service based Manufacturer of automobile refrigeration products in the world.

Automotive OE Capabilities

The skirt-mount gilled tube type nser is made of quality copper tubes and num foils. The condenser is installed on vehicle roof so as to reduce amination, heat eliminating environment and extend its service life.

It is provided with an ABS evaporator case with superior tion, corrosion and damping resistance, high heat exchanging efficiency and standing strength.

Its standard module is highly versatile.The unit has reliable quality and superior performance price ratio.

The unit is easy to install, operate and repair with low maintenance costs

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